During this first trimester we have learnt and enjoyed in Art classes. Below you will be able to see some of the works that we have been doing in class.

Students enjoy learning and have fun in a positive and creative atmosphere.

We have worked on 3D figures and how we percieve objects in our dialy life.


Halloween is a scary time of the year, our classroom door are spooky too!


We have also learnt about famous painters like Paul Klee, Piet Mondrain, and Vincent Van Gogh. Our students got the chance to imitate their works of art.

Comnposition with red, yellow and blue

We started working on how to draw and recognize different backgrounds. We can draw things we see in daily life or imaginative landscapes.

We prepared some Christmas boxed to put in Christmas cards during this time of the year. All primary students received one! It was a teamwork activity that implied all the classes, from Year 1 up to Year 6!